New (to me) Irons…

Contemplating new irons to help work out some kinks in my golf game.  My current set is 4-AW, Taylormade Tour Preferred CB (2012).  I got a good deal on them ‘used’ (really, mint condition) on closeout in 2013 from Global Golf online.  I feel like I need something I can work more, fade or draw, depending on pin/layout/wind.  I’ll probably find something used, since if you get a year or so later, you can get them for at least 1/2 the price when they were new.  Seriously thinking about buying them from Swing First Golf, they have a shop setup at my local driving range (Trails End) in Oregon City, Oregon.  You can hit them on their simulator or on the range outside.  If I can find a set I like that is comparable (within $50?) in price, then I’ll get them local.

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