The ‘real’ Republican plan…

My theory…

The whole Donald Trump fiasco is the plan all along. Let me explain what I mean by that. The RNC is using ‘the Donald’ as a pawn to drive traffic and build interest in it’s┬áparty and agenda. It’s the ‘any publicity is good publicity’ theory. In the next month or two, they will dump Trump (see how they can do it) and then bring in another person to be their Presidential candidate. Whether that is Pence, Paul Ryan, or someone else is unknown.

I think it’s a way to bring the ‘fringe’ angry voters to the Republican party. Then when they dump Trump the voters that have voted Republican in the past and are ‘on the fence’ (because Trump is such a joke) will ‘see the light’ and be relieved that the RNC finally got wise and will support whomever the RNC puts in his place.

This essentially gives the Republican party a greater number of voters by getting the last-minute un-committed voters and the ‘fringe’ angry voters that just want to ‘stir things up’.

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