Low round this year…

Played a new ball, the Srixon Z-Star.  I got them on  sale at Dick’s for $45 for 2 dozen.  Really like it, played one ball the whole morning.  Played Langdon Farms this morning, best course in Portland.  It’s in beautiful shape, gorgeous weather this morning.  I’ve know some people like Stone Creek better, but the fairways and layout at Langdon Farms beats Stone Creek any time.  Shot a 77 (+6), no birdies, but also no doubles.  Drove the ball really well, went from playing a huge cut to more of a straight ball and stayed balanced behind the ball on my drives.  Picked up about 20 yards on average, so I’m driving it about 260-270 rather than topping out at 250.  Tempo and timing felt really good.  Only had 2 swing thoughts today, tried to keep it simple.  Posture and Tempo (PT) were the mantra for the round.  Had a few close calls at birdie, made a few good par and bogey saves.  The game is starting to come around.  The work at the driving range is starting to pay off.

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